Mostly my take on healthy cooking and eating. I try as much as possible to follow the South Beach Diet (good carbs and fats), so a lot of recipes and menus are Phase 1 and Phase 2 if you are familiar with this lifestyle.

I try to eat as much organic food as possible while making it affordable and fast for working adults, college students and anyone trying to get organized in meal planning (including cost per meal and shopping lists).

Because I'm a serious foodie, this is also where I share everything else I know about food (recipes, plans, equipment, tastings). And yes, fatty, delicious temptations from time to time.

I consider myself a good cook and a courageous eater (I'll try everything and cook it myself at home when possible), so these years of cooking gave me some knowledge on how to deal with the most diverse foods.


Thanks to the recipe of my friend’s mom, I cooked the best “esfirras” yesterday. We ate so much, we couldn’t sleep!

Now, esfirra (not sure the right spelling is this, but this is how we write it in Brazil) is an Arabic staple food, and because Sao Paulo has a big Lebanese community we have chains of Arabic fast food, and they all make esfirra. It is so embedded in our culture, that the beef-filled pastries are in every single corner food store, and it’s a common party food. 

Anyway, Rosana Sanford, my friend, and owner of The Kitchen Affairs, in San Francisco, posted a photo of the last time she cooked esfirras, and I couldn’t resist trying her recipe. If I ever change the recipe and it works, I’ll share it in the blog, but right now it has worked so well I have to keep it secret for a while, maybe until Rosana makes a “guest blogging appearance”!

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    Sfihah - Arabic food. Traditional sfiha are open-faced meat pies made with ground mutton. Historically, sfiha were much...
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